Hello to all of those of you who have dropped into this website.

This is a fast track launch into your taking back your power and becoming spiritually enlightened! Moving into who you truly are, unconditional love, total health, fear/anxiety free and living the lives that you would presently do anything to achieve.

So, if you follow each page…see this website to the end…check out all and any links on here…you should be fully knowledgeable, fully conscious and ready to grow yourself fully. Embrace your reconnection and rebirth!

The information is not exhaustive…I checked out all the videos on this site…I chose not to reinvent the wheel as there is so much stuff out there. Some of the videos will hurt you, shock you, make you angry etc. do not go into any of that…it is for your information…the ultimate goal is to get you past that into being a light warrior…a Silent Soul…taking back your body, soul, planet and universe…Your very Divinity!

I have spent more the 3 decades searching for the Truth. Questioning my existence, my purpose, what manifested all that we are, all there is, why things are the way they are…questioning so many things that felt wrong and did not add up whilst I was growing up. I went through series of traumatic experiences whilst growing into adulthood, in fact, long after I had reached adulthood. But all the while, knowing that through those life learning curves I knew that this could not be all there is.

So, I spent most of my life searching. Now it is so wonderful that so much is available on the internet. It also means quicker if you know what you are looking for and cheaper as most is available for free.
So, take this opportunity to be inquisitive, argumentative, greedy for knowledge and be open to the endless possibilities that we have access to…but mostly be open minded, open hearted and realise that you are so much more than you have been lead to believe!

Please let me know if there is information that you feel should be added, healing/growth that could be shared, apparatus etc that can assist on every level that may change the face of the planet killing course we have been on…all information will be checked by me personally and if appropriate…added for the benefit of everyone.


Thrive – What on earth will it take:-  The Thrive, the Movement… I felt this was a lovely way to open the page as it is full of a variety of information which gives you an idea of the enormity of what is going on in our present illusory time…

2012 A Message of Hope – II (2) – Mrrockitman


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