Remedies and Cures

This page has a very special place in my heart, those defenseless souls who have been caught in the crossfire of warring situations and devastation from the air to the depths of the sea…Mother Earth!

We need to look at ways we can do major energy work as individuals and as a collective to change the situation, frequencies that has been and are still being bombarded on every level by the ‘The Powers that Be’ currently doing their best to destroy all there is.

If this continues, Mother Earth will not be able to sustain life. Watch the videos and then move onto the variety of re-calibration/healing pages and learn what can be done to make a total reversal of the devastation being currently felt in our beautiful world.

I pray that you are brave enough to talk to others around you, if not direct family members, neighbours and friends and like minded souls. It is amazing how once you start your journey, you will experience synchronicity in meeting people who are like minded… embrace this.

Love and Light to all of you…


Morgellons Lyme Disease – This is a presentation of a lady who has contracted this disease. It is up and coming she explains much… There will be more information on this site as to remedies. Do Not Panic!

Morgellon’s Cure 9th Floor Treatments and Therapies – Another person that has gained feedback from people suffering from this disease.

Morgellon’s Lyme Disease – Home Cleanse

Morgellon’s and Cinnamon healing remedies – More information on clearing the system of this disease.

Every Cancer Can Be Cured in Weeks – An indepth interview with Doctor Leonard Coldwell – an amazing pioneer using techniques to completely cure cancer within a few weeks. Worth going to his site to look at further information.

Kill Cancer part 1 of 6 – Dr Leonard Coldwell = A brilliant man who has worked tirelessly with 1000’s of patients to cure cancer. His website is americananti-cancerinstitute

Gods Pharmacy – Beautiful and helpful to those embarking on learning which foods are good for you. It is trial and error but there are many sites which will advise on all sorts of green, raw, vegan and breatharian. The choice is entirely yours…to be free of sickness and dis-ease or to continue on the path of self destruction…


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