Other Worldly…Are We Alone?

Hopefully you will have come across the idea of UFO’s on a variety of occasions in your life. It is something that is wide open to major arguments, especially for those who refuse to believe what is in front of their eyes!

I have had many instances of people actually having mental breakdowns due to their inability to accept that ‘We’ are not ‘Alone’ in this universe…Sad as they actually witnessed specific events first hand then… could not pigeon hole their experience.

But, whether we are for or against the idea of extra-terrestrial’s, the subject is NOT going away. I ask that those of you who have no inkling about certain beings, rationale for their being here, no clue as to visitors (UFO’s) and hybrids… pay close attention.

You are not being hoodwinked, neither are you being brainwashed or being advised to believe in something you feel is against your personal, cultural, religious beliefs. Nevertheless, I ask that you do in fact turn over every stone…every argument, sit back and just enjoy the ride…come to your own conclusions.

This page is a plethora of different videos giving you wonderful information on a variety of soul beings from differing planets around the universe and beyond. “The Truth is Out There”. A learning curve which may fill you with disbelief and make you feel threatened. However, there is no cause for alarm, they are, as you are about to discover, far superior beings to us on every level…they have been here a long time monitoring our development. Some wish to guide us and some wish to do us harm.

Hopefully if you have arrived at this page, you have finished the learning curve about where we come from, where we have been, where we are and hopefully now… where we are going. I bid you a wonderful journey of divine discovery by just giving you an insight into you and Who You Are! Love and light!

Leaked American Astronaut – Admits to alien contact – In insight from someone who has had direct experience of ‘UFO’ activity.

Galactic Federation of Satan – A clear narration teaching about channelling. Compelling and a tad worrying as it clearly states that Channelling is not a good thing and those who come through are not what they seem?

Galactic Federation of Deceivers 2 – More scary information on beings who use channelling and appear to humanity. This advises that they are beautiful but not at all what they seem.

Battle for your Mind – Open your heart before it’s too late…Forever!! KemetPrince1 A beautiful young man who has a variety of differing topics. Well worth exploring as his explanations are very clear and easy to understand.

Matt has been on some very heart rending and experiential journey to this point in his life. A humble man with a big heart wishing to share his experiences and slant on what happened to him. Visit his website and learn from him, he is a well rounded, down to earth individual who has made it his mission to share with those of us who truly want to spiritually awaken and grow. He has written several books. I have not added them in the book section as I believe that you can order them directly from his website.


Breaking the Illusion of Limitation

Brain Wave patterns & attributes with Jasmuheen – This is a lady who has spent most of her life in service to others. She teaches how to live a spiritually enlightened life. Simply, honestly, openly and with a vibrancy and joy that is infectious and very helpful. Worth checking out all of her stuff and going on her website. This is not for everyone, but, is for those who feel affinity with what she teaches. She is approachable and truly an angel sent to assist those of us who are thrashing about trying to find ourselves and our purpose.

Hollow Earth, Atlantis and the Origins of Humans. Part 1 Dawn of the Gods – See the documentary too… lots of interesting information as to origins of man.

Sacred Knowledge of Vibration and the Power of human Emotions by hus987pc

Breaking the Spell & the Full Magnitude of Who We Are – David Icke

This site is interesting and covers a variety of topics based on religious and mythological. Argues many topics that bring us to today and the bumpy ride taken to get here. Worth checking out and using a springboard into the journey that has gotten us to this point in time.


Are You an Old Soul? – in5d.com.   this is a brilliant insight into who we are… without knowing it, you are separated from those around you, including your direct earth family. So… once you have a deep understanding that you are more than flesh and blood, you will feel tears of relief and hopefully move into the right state of mind. Also,you will start growing and learning how to be happy as well as finding those that you do feel kinship and an affinity.

Why Raising Your Energy Vibration is So Important – in5d. This site is brilliant and covers many topics. This particular video is helpful as it brings home the reason WHY we need to raise our energy and how.

Alex Jones Exclusive 1/5 David Icke on the Global Awakening:- Both of these amazing guys can bring you up to speed on every element. So, check out all of the stuff if you choose to as they are in full knowledge and David Icke has spent years of his life dedicated to unravelling, exposing and trying to educate us on all that is going on around us. .. check out all his stuff when you have time… he covers so many things that you can fast track your knowledge. He is amazing!!

The Destruction of Atlantis:- Michael Tsarion (he has a plethora of stuff on youtube… check it all out he is seriously brilliant!)

2012 Birth of a New Reality Consciousness by Truthrevolutions

Death and Higher States of Consciousness – Terence McKenna – He has a range of videos on youtube worth listening to… covers hallucinogenics, drugs and other areas that are of interest, especially for those who wish to experience native Shaman work

A Message to the Awakened Ones – 1Loydster – he has a series of videos to watch

Starseeds – Who and what they are – PleiadianStarseeder

Starseeds Mission – This gives you a whole range of information and knowledge


Characteristics of Pleiadian Souls

Pleiadian Message 2012. A wake up call for the family of light:-

Why you are not noticing – Barbara Marciniak –

Soul Ages – There are a series of 7 videos to listen to… try and do these to give yourself much grounding/understanding.

Starseed Mission:- This is a link to a website. It assists you in a whole different way. Interesting and helpful.


Awakening Self Talk  – (Max Miller wrote: “This has to do with all of us….. This is a great example of what- we can do now to create a better world”.  Check out his information world)  and email directly on:- <prosper108@gmail.com>

The Pineal Gland is The Seat of the Soul – Danny Wilten (Interesting and brilliant explanation of Kybalion)

How to Fully Activate Pineal Gland Antennas – Drunvelo Melchizedek

Pineal Gland – How to decalcify and activate successfully (This is essential as the pineal gland is the key to so much of the spiritual awakening)

Astral Projection Video/soundtrack – Alcione .com – VM Rabalu (there are around 9 videos on this also in a variety of languages)

Pleidians, Greys,  Andromedans,, and reptilians……………..

Ancient Knowledge Part 1 = Consciousness, sacred geometry, cymatics, illusion of Reality Illusion, Fly (newer version)

Annunaki Female Extraterrestrial Alien Part 1 -3 by Truth Revolutions

Space Love of Andromedans and Pleidians

Lost Realms  – Zecharia Sitchin – Interesting and liberating. An experience of understanding so much more about what has been in plain sight… but not understood. There are a variety of videos to seek…


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