Children….Protect Them…Know the Truth

Hello Guardians of the Children,

“The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous that he cannot believe it exists” J Edgar Hoover.

This page is dedicated to ensuring that parents and adults working with and being privileged to be around children have an understanding that the ‘little ones’ they have the privilege to be around are already tuned in fully…. to their higher selves, the now and who they are…. being in a young body stops them from being able to fully articulate.

This is many circumstances can be traumatising for them as when things are too much… they react emotionally as they are unable to express what has caused them to feel upset, angry, horrified etc. But take note, they are able to advise as they Actually Do Know… Please help them to grow not shut down. Allow them to keep their direct connection to source. Funnily, the above also applies to animals as they, like children are tuned into the Now.

Please ensure you find out all you can to help your little souls develop as they were supposed to. Remember, they all still have to go through their experiences to grow fully so do not wrap them in cotton wool, over protect them or stop them realising their own epiphanies, that is what we are All here to do. Be the guide, the support and most of all show them by example empathy, understanding, compassion, unconditional love, honesty, emotional intelligence and the full gamut of emotions needed to be All There Is! Learn from them to return to your divinity that way the beauty of You will shine to show them the way.

Enjoy your young, this includes all animals in nature, they too are in direct source, in the Now! Namaste


Indigo (the Full Movie) – A beautiful movie illustrating the reality of the children arriving on earth since 1978 onwards (some arrived a little earlier). It will enlighten parents and carers as the abilities, connectedness, loving, clarity and intelligence of Indigo children. But most of all, remind us all to be sensitive to their talents, sensitivity and the fact that they are not problem children, just very hurt and blocked due to unrealistic schooling and expectations of them. A different breed….

How Television Affects Your Brain – A comprehensive and scientific approach. Brilliant as is gives a depth of understanding as to why allowing t.v. on let alone a replacement for parenting/caring is not acceptable as the damage is huge.

Educating the Heart and Mind – Sir Ken Robinson. A brilliant talk which leaves us feeling full of joy and rapture… the idea that we can make changes to the education system in a way that supports all our children and allows them to flourish… He has many videos and is worth asking teachers and their heads to check out and learn from. You never know, we may get to a point where teachers are allowed to teach again…whollistically via their hearts, minds and senses of feeling they are participating instead of being forced! Subjects that make them shine instead of dreading learning and authority.

Sara Book 1,2 & 3 – Sara learns the secret about the Law of Attraction – by Esther and Jerry Hicks. They also wrote a multitude of books including The Teachings of Abraham, The adventures of Lulu, Incredible you!, The Journey Home, Children’s Edition and Unstoppable Me! Co written with other exciting writers too many to mention here. They work through Hay House  (

They are the leading edge in teachings on the art of allowing our natural well-being to come forth. They cross over adult and children’s work with ease and brilliance. They have published more than 700 books, CD, DVD’s, cassettes and videos in over the world as well as running workshops in over 60 countries

Their website:

Do Schools Kill Creativity? – Sir Ken Robinson. This is a witty and brilliant talk on the merits of how are education systems affect us in growth and creativity. A must see. Worth checking out his variety of talks. Funny as well as brilliant…A man who has overcome physical disability and soared whilst in service to others… a wonderful man.

Abraham Hicks Heal Yourself, start rejenerating your body cells, become strong and young again. Enlightening and brilliant…

10 Incredible Facts About Babies – Alltime 10’s

Transhumanism/Genetic modification of all life/Nano technology/HAARP Geoengineering – Be warned… this is real. Do not think that the idea of not being able to have children naturally is a joke… they offer salvation in the form of IVF ++ then you think that this is Your natural baby? mmmme…. or is it? This is the game humanity has been kept in the dark about throughout our time here… We are linked to all there is by our own language (Jesus’s Sacred Heart…is also ours…that is the language of the matrix and us). Don’t allow this to be the future for your children…we already have the ultimate intelligence within us…we just need to be allowed to discover it and use it as it should be

How to Double your Brain Power Part 1 – this is riveting, straightforward, practical and helpful. Not scientific. This will assist you and in turn allow you to assist the children around you.

The Perverted Disney Empire  (Illuminati Exposed) – ExposedCelebs – This is very important to watch… you will start to understand the depth of depravity and subliminal messaging we and our children are being exposed to… in such subtle and artistic forms. The best answer is to keep this away from your children… no compromises. Protect them as they are here as emissaries to show us the way.

The Truth May Scare You Part 1… Knowthetruthstudio –  This is going to blow your mind… this is only part 1…there are many more… you will be shocked and then see, what our young are exposed to. These are VIPs that we and our children hold in high esteem…but now you will know why and how you are being enchanted by the messages they projecting… look at this with new eyes

What Are We Really Watching? – TruthMovement74

Beating Mental Illness – Andrew Steward gives a heart breaking story of his life, his losses and his overcoming mental illness. He shows that stigmatism is still rife in todays society leaving families going through this isolated and without support from either family, friends or communities. This could be you.. your partner… your child. So, keep emotional intelligence(your wits) about you and make sure that you either ask for support from those around you or give support to see people through their struggles. We are being put through so much illness… and mental illness is one of the highest problems being experienced world wide today.

Subliminal Messages in Disney Movies

McDonalds: Illuminati Exposed – TheFreemasonCrew … worth watching…

McDonalds Pink Slime – The Young Turk’s

You can Speak in Tongues Right Now! This is seriously amazing and something that can be taught to children. They are mostly Indigo and therefore will get into and appreciate as part of their new found abilities. You and they can do healing for loved ones, those around you or planetary healing… Why think small when you can think BIG!

Overcoming Speaking in Tongues – Listen to this to assist you in going forward with this practice. It is about inviting Holy Spirit into your body and allowing the Angels to speak through you… allowing you direct connection to source and activation of healing work, using your natural power and abilities

How to stop your senses and and how to control your vibration – Abraham Hicks Just remember… explore all of the Hicks stuff… they are helpful, loving and clear to understand and at times, quite humorous!

Releasing Anger: Guided Meditation – Soothing Experience – Relaxing voices Brahma Kumains

4 Things We Would Do Everyday – Abraham Hicks

The Power of Healing Childrens Imagination:Charlotte Reznick Phd. at TEDxStudioCityEd – She explains a variety of techniques for getting children to release, express and manage their anger. Coping strategies that the children find helpful and become happier in themselves

Chitra Sukhu’s Guided Meditation for Children – a lovely meditation which asists in visualisation, calming and safe. Good once the child has understanding of breath work. Lovely prior to sleep as calming and good for clearing the cares of the day.

Indigo Dreams, Kids relaxation music, Bedtime, Stress/Stress Free Kids… a lovely and joyful session… just breathe and relax.. good for parents too…

3 Hours Nature Sounds, Ambient Sleep tracks – Relax MusicTv.. love this myself … a lovely mix of vocals, nature, the sea set in a gentle pace

Everyone Sleeps – Visual and calming Dvd for little ones

A Healing Balm for All Humanity 1/4 – by 60 Gabri – there are a whole set of these… really lovely and soothing wonderful for all who listen

A Healing Balm for All Humanity 3/4 – by 60 Gabri

More Calming Classrooms – something that can be played in the background for little one’s, especially after break time as allows them to just be, without the discord or over excitement caused during playtime interaction.

Ambient Soundscapes with rainfall – 10 hours – Soothing and gentle. This site has a variety of sounds worth checking out. Depends what your child likes and feels comforted by.


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