I Am That…I AM The Real You

This part of the website is wonderful! It is all about ‘ME’ this is where you are taken through a whole world that you may not have known existed. You are about to discover what you are capable of, how you can reconnect to your amazing abilities and how to use those magical gifts for the good of yourself and the whole of the universe, not just humanity.

There is a wonderful variety of information to assist you in your self discovery journey…You are about to discover a world within that you had no idea was waiting, patiently for your acknowledgement. So…in the truest sense…

Love and light to you and we will all be as One… Again! Namaste

The 7 Essene Mirrors – Greg Braden is a real light in our world… check out all his work… he teaches so much science that is easy to understand…he has done many videos and made them available for free to us. Any of his works including those he has collaborated with other lightworkers such as Bruce Lipton… a formidable wealth of knowledge.

Kundalini and Merkaba – Drunvelo discusses the properties of light body and how it all works. A very informative discussion from a very learned man who has spent his life sharing, teaching an understanding as well as how to use these bodies that are within us

How to Fully activate your Pineal Gland Antennas – Drunvalo goes through a full explanation of how to do this. Interesting and worthwhile.

You At Yourself After Watching Nick – A beautiful experience and one that should be shared with everyone… especially young people. Nick has a series of videos free on youtube. You can subscribe to his site. He travels around primary and secondary schools giving, giving and giving. An amazing man. It puts our realities into perspective and makes us realise that we can be anything…do anything and fill our world with happiness, joy and love…Total appreciation

Learn to Live in the Now – Eckhart Tolle. Eckhart gives you an understanding of what is going on within you. Some absolute gems on how to deal with emotional and mental patterns and how to overcome them.

Spiritual Awakening – Jim Carrey holds audience and discusses his experience of finding his spirituality and how it affected his life. Comical as always but very sincere.

If you remember this everything will become very easy and clear for you – A wonderful talk with Abraham Hicks (channelled via Esther Hicks), there are many videos online covering all life skills and great humour.

Heal Yourself and Regenerate the Body – Abraham Hicks (Angel channelled through Esther Hicks). A recorded live audience with Abraham giving advice re a variety of subjects. She normally answers questions directly. Interesting and amusing.

How to see Energy in the Air – A lovely simple explanation. Worth a try. I have tried and his method works

Sacred Knowledge and Vibrations and the Power of Human Emotions

Cure all illnesses in 3 minutes, spread love not hate – section from Greg Braden Milan tour.

Life Vest Inside… A lovely little example how your act of kindness goes a very long way… bring on the Love!

Biology of Belief – Bruce Lipton – A truly brilliant man who has made it his business to share untold truth and knowledge. All his works are worth checking out. website:- http://www.brucelipton.com

The Frequency that is You – Bruce Lipton a live video radio recording… his voice drops in around 9:15 into the vid.

Introduction to Pranic Healing – Using hands on energy in conjunction with Prana energy. This is a life skill which is available to every living soul. So.. Get up close and personal and learn how to take care of yourself, your family, friends and animals and the earth around you…

Jasmuheen – Living on Light. A truly beautiful experience with a soul who’s soul purpose is to serve and bring the light! I hope this lady gets you absolutely excited about a whole way of living that means no dependency on the system that is an illusion. (this is one of 3 videos). Very explanatory. Do go to her website and if you really want to follow the path of being a breatharian…make sure you do it strictly by the book. do not do it alone, or, put yourself at risk. This is a serious process and something that becomes life threatening if you do not take full responsibility of what you are being told to do to achieve ‘living on light’).

Yssmuheen – On Meditation and Mastery & Sensitivity – Romania. This lady is an amazing ambassador to All. Both the eearth, humans and the universe. She has been around a long time doing her beautiful work and definetely one to be looked at indepth and with a lot of love. A true light soldier. I had the pleasure of meeting her many years ago and hope to meet her again. Her work is enormously beneficial to humans.

Jasmuheen – The Amazing Avatar of Pranic Living – Breatharianism… a way to go.. as it means that we no longer have to worry about buying into the NWO. All world hunger, poverty and illness would slip away forever… this is the stuff of real divinity, enlightment and total freedom. Enjoy discovering this as a way of life…The impact on global waste would diminish too on all levels as so much would be eliminated. Prana is all you need to be a sentient light being operating in a place of love, light and good health for yourself and Everything around you.

Bruce Lipton, PhD & Dr. Wayne Dyer – Live chat show. Interesting and quite informative. Changing your understanding of what is as opposed of what theoretical past scientific information about us and our beliefs.

174hz Solfeggio Frequency – Foundation of Conscious Evolution

285hz Solfeggio Frequency = Acceleration of Conscious Evolution

396hz Solfeggio Frequency – Liberation of guilt and fear

417hz Solfeggio Frequency – Expand Consciousness

528hz Solfeggio Frequency – Love, healing and Miracle

639hz Solfeggio Frequency – Integrating Structures/Relationships

741 hz Solfeggio Frequency – Consciousness Expansion – BE WARNED!! This frequency shut down my pc on 3 occasions so it is wise to Turn Down the volume on this and listen on headset!

852hz Solfeggio Frequency – Awakening Intuition

Solfeggio Arpeggio – Chorus of sounds together (396, 417, 528, 639, 741, 852 & 963

Epigenetics – Bruce Lipton

The Four Keys to Hearing Gods Voice – there are a series of videos to check out which allows us the opportunity of listening to higher self/voice of God within us. This is being shown on practical terms by many… choose whichever works for you.

Why Am I Single? – KemetPrince1. Wow! Amazing insight into the reality and workings of how relationships work in relation to ourselves and what we attract

Biology of Transformation – Dr. Bruce Lipton

Wishes Fullfilled – Dr. Wayne Dyer brilliant video/book which is wonderful for both adults and children. Fun, joyful and loving. A new way of stepping forward into the future… in the now!

Audio Information on Ascension and the Merkaba by Drunvalo Melchizedek  He has a vast library of stuff, check it all out… be greedy!!

How to Clear Your Mind – Breathe Easy…Just Be! – KemetPrince1 He is wonderful and gives another way of getting to source and how to bypass all the stresses of life. Check out his varying videos on youtube… refreshing and inspiring

How to Eat to Live…Whole Foods Raise Your Energy – KemetPrince1. Really showing what makes a difference to your beautiful, magical body

Awakening the Illuminated Heart Drunvalo Melchizedek

The Power of Now – Eckharte Tolle ….. A deeply beautiful individual who has something worth learning…. Watching him is amazing as he is in Source … he will guide you. Check out all his stuff… I have been to one of his talks… he is brilliant!

Searching for Myself – Eckhart Tolle.

Why Do we Suffer – Eckhart Tolle … The rest of his work, you can check out in your own way… follow your intuition on the level of need. It is as simple as he says… If you get his book, read it over and over, each time, you will rise another level of understanding. Exquisite and life changing.

2013 The Year of The Merkaba

The Template – Of Original Innocence – Juliet & Jiva Carter. Go on the website and get in touch with the team.You will need advice on what to do with the information you are being given in each of the videos. There are more… but a fast and complete way of turning your light body/Merkaba on. I speak from first hand experience. It is totally overwhelmingly meaningful and effective. Listen and understand this with your heart and intuition… do not allow your mind to get involved as it is full of ego and pain body which is generational and what the powers that be intended to stop you from doing exactly this… what you are here for… your true identity!

The Template – Of Original Innocence -Introduction

The Template 1 –    – Juliet & Jiva Carter

Tiframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/SvKP0SERi6c?list=PL72A5692B063C6D24&#8243; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

The Template 2 – Endocrine System – Juliet & Jiva Carter

The Template 3 – Light – Juliet & Jiva Carter

12D Shield Building Technique

EFT – This self healing work is the same as accupunture, without the needles. It works on your meridian lines clearing blocks that cause emotional, mental and physical illnesses. It is amazing and once you learn the sequence… you will be able to do anywhere with ease and speed. Download any sessions on youtube. they are live and you just watch and then replay and copy what they are doing. It may seem strange but it works! (you can download the manual for free)

Karl Dawson does training courses for those who want to learn more. He has also developed a method with Sasha Allenby called Matrix Reimprinting… Awesome and totally beneficial to all forms of healing, which also allows people an all round depth of healing. This also allows clients to deal with unresolved issues with loved ones who have passed on.


Anxiety Tapping – Margaret Lynch – She is wonderful and very giving. Lots of freebies from her on youtube. She has her own website and you can subscribe.

Tapping for Abundance – Margaret Lynch – she has a range of tapping sessions. She has also written books so… don’t be shy, check her out.

“The Tapping Solution” by Nick Ortner – Official Book Trailer Subscribe to his site and get info on a variety of healing modes. It is up to you to learn as many techniques in your quest for your full abilities and truth.

Carlos Castenada’s – Unbending Intent. This is a brilliant man who spent a huge amount of time, in the early days producing amazing books. Worth checking him out if you are seasoned in the understanding of spirituality, especially Law of Attraction. Alas, he fell by the wayside and deep controversy. But his teachings are just as inspiring and valid today. He has been superceded by so many new and innovative teachers… much to thank him for.

The Power of of Consciousness – Bruce Lipton. This is my Guru! A a biologist and a very spiritual man… full of unique and wonderful advice and techniques for consciousness work. He has as wealth of knowledge and vast experience as well as being a brilliant biologist.

I Am Effect – Harrison Klein – Women EntreupenersHQ

Meditation -Sylvia Browne

Global Love Project – Aine Belton et Al… this is a wonderful site full of ideas, wonderful links and a community of souls who share 1 thing in common… Sharing the Love!!  Join and be part of a happy and fulfilled community. Her website is:

Movie Excerpt from a study done on DMT Use. The Students explain their experiences – Accessing the Pineal and experiencing the universe within.


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