Biblical and Historical Information

Religion is a subject that means so many different things…to so many different cultures and individuals.

Please be aware that this page is not meant to insult, offend or upset anyone. It is merely a representation of many learned folk who have spent serious personal effort, time and money researching a variety questions; Arrived at mainly due to their intuition and personal truth not being in accord with what was being taught to them. It would seem that most of us feel there are more questions than answers when delving into what is the Truth within the biblical realm.

Please go forward to with an open heart, switched on intuition and a refusal to allow yourself to waver…no matter what you feel is against your culture, beliefs, religion or sensibility. Take note whilst I am not religious there is extremely important information in/out of the bible (bibliography of our genetic makers control).

Again, I ask nothing but that you look at each of the differing videos and come to your own conclusions. Also, bear in mind, much of what you are about to discover will shock you on a deep level…stay in a place of peace and know that you are on your path of Spiritual Enlightenment…”If a soul repents…it will find salvation” (misquote from the bible).

So..information is widely available now so you can go into more depth at your own leisure.

I wish you much love and light on a very difficult subject

2013 A Message From Jesus – To Christians and Churches – A Warning to All of Jesus’s second coming….

Banned From The Bible – A Study on ‘Rejected’ books that had been removed from the Bible. This is a detailed information bringing us up to speed. Interesting and shocking.

Germany and Iran are Brothers – A video showing origins between the two – shocking and disturbing.

How did the Nephilim get here before the flood? – A presentation giving biblical, historic and translating into understanding the historic facts. Interesting and eye opening.

Hollow Earth Atlantis and Origin of Humans part 1 – Dawn of the Gods

Hollow Earth Atlantis and Origin of Humans part 2 – Secret of the Brotherhood


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