Scientific Approach

Hello Fellow Science Boffins!

On this page I have tried to put in as much as I can to show you a mixture of different scientific arguments, studies, worlds with their slant on the situation we find ourselves coming from, in and going into.

Again, I am not trying to scare monger, just showing you more of the amazing lengths the “Powers that Be” go to affect us as humanity and souls… Heart stopping and thought provoking…

I realised that so many of us only had a smattering of understanding but no rounded wholistic knowledge…due to information being isolated from each other…until now, nothing had been put together. The usual discussions which ensued into arguments among the eclectic educational backgrounds meant my having spent over a 3 decades seeking the truth in order to make sense of things.

I was spurred on my quest for knowledge and a need to understand: why I am here, who I am and what my ultimate path is…and then the truth hit me…My purpose was not just to do healing work, it was to help all the souls access the knowledge, quickly, freely allowing for the scent to stay strong…life has a way of getting in the way so that our spark of interest for knowledge gets bogged down and forgotten…

Hence, I set up this website to allow you to be inquisitive, learn and choose whichever path that “sings in your soul”…As quickly and easily as possible…


The Illuminati’s Secret Mind Control Operations – Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen Kilde (Look up all her stuff…. a very brave woman who is brilliant in her own right but her work has total clarity)

H.A.A.R.P. Pooned Humanity – Are we being exterminated? Interesting leaving you with many more questions. Hard to believe but evidence is clear. Watch and learn…(this video could disfunction…it would be much appreciated if you could advise if it does)

Genetically Modified Organisms – Factual and quite disturbing proof of our food chain situation.

Genetically Modified Kiwi – Disgusting and off putting but succinctvisuals

Genetically Modified Apple – Food for thought?


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