The World We Percieve We Live In

Fellow Seekers of the Truth,

I humbly thank you for choosing to have a look at the website. Please go forward to with an open heart, switched on intuition and a refusal to allow yourself to waiver…no matter what you feel is against your culture, beliefs, religion or sensibility. Take note whilst I am not religious there is extremely important information in the bible (bibliography of our genetic makers).

Please be aware that if you already know about what is Actually going on in this illusion we are made to believe is reality…do not bother with this page. This is only for the uninitiated…The reason for this is that we do not want to go over dark, negative stuff…we need to rid ourselves of it and not think, feel or see it anymore…we shall then go on to learn how to manifest only that which Divine Creation intended…

For those of you on this journey to the “dark Side” for the first time…I advise that you only take it as guidance…FYI. It is only relevant for you to be able to put together the pieces of jigsaw that you unconsciously already know. Then you will understand the magnitude of what is occurring around you and to you. And when you understand… you will be ready to become The Sentient Light Being you Truly Are!

The rest of the site is going to totally immerse you on your journey… So, get rid of your seat belts and Soar!!

Check out these videos on YouTube: Some are direct links, some are labels to copy and paste on youtube:-

Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde. An amazingly strong woman who is well versed in the labours of Illuminati and their killing/control and devastation. She is learned and teaches many things, not just the situational/historic stuff going on around. Well worth researching. Luckily, she is also a giver and is on youtube…

Imminent Plans For Martial Law – This is a world situation on just an American situation.

Illuminati Food Creating Criminals – Nutrition, Behaviour, Aspartame, MSG, Excitotoxins. This is a look into what is going into foods we take for granted and the direct effect it has on

Holographic Universe (Full movie) – Giving a different approach to the world and its very fabric…Not what you would expect…but interesting and changes perspective on previous understanding for those who were not aware. ~

A Message to the Awakened One’s – Loydster… a brilliant site worth subscribing to as you get updates of new things going on with the Illuminati and their antics.

David Icke’s Take on Global Warming – Comedic and historic factual talk debunking the given governmental excuses for global warming

Spirit Science 1-15 Full movie series 2012

Spirit Science 1-15 Full movie series 2012
2012 The Truth you are not being Told Part 1 (there are 3 parts check them all out)

Steve Quayle – he has a variety of videos, radio shows and books. He is covering transhumanism and such topics. Worth checking out. Food for thought. This one is 1st of 4. He has lots of others too…

Mythology and the Great Coming Deception – Rob Skiba (full video). Very interesting take on our genetic makers and historical misrepresentation that carry to date. Worth looking into. His works are interesting and very knowledgeable and informative. Worth taking a detour into and checking out his other stuff on youtube/books. His website is Any donations would be very much appreciated as Rob is desperately trying to make an epic movie to set the record straight for the world to know what is really going on. It is urgent as the truth needs to be known as soon as is possible. So, even if you only have £15 to offer… please, do so.

David Icke – Aliens are everywhere February 2013

Secrets in Plain Sight (1-23) Full Video Gnostic Media

Slavery by Consent (full version) by MrLads13 (go on for more LEGAL rights truths & facts).

Former state trooper reveals imminent plans for implementation of martial law. Be warned Britain and the rest of the world are also set up for this same change. Usage of apparent ex army/airports have already been set up… originally against the swine flu! Body bags, coffins made of plastic material stacked high are already in place.

Dr Deagles show 2013/02.22 Prepardeness, Civil Defense, Martial Law and Earth Changes (Do not take any of this information lightly…. New World Order = NWO this has been set up directly to eliminate more of the population. Those that are not a threat will be chipped and mind controlled, so those that are released from any of these camps you do not want to mess with as they will be programmed to seek out and deal with or whistle blow to the authorities). There is a growing mountain of information on this… this is nothing to do with the leaders, it is the machine they work for!!

The Destruction of Atlantis:- Michael Tsarion (he has a plethora of stuff on youtube… check it all out he is seriously brilliant!)

Building Gods – Ken Grumbs (movie). A scientific look at the way in which things have been moving with I.T. and areas around this. An understanding into that which is coming into being…its here…

The Stars Will Fall – March 19 Illuminati Freemasons Sympbolism – TheGroxt1 – interesting running commentary on the message being given to the public through music/stars. People need to start waking up to the messages being given freely to us via the Illuminati..We have Free Will… We choose their evil doing because we are not aware that their messages are the truth… dressed in movies, cartoons and music… Wake Up!!

End TimesEvidence:  Debunk This!!!:-

Stan Deyo Talks current events, final pope prophecies and earth changes ( this guy has a lot to say, he is amazing and very knowledgeable. Check out all his stuff)

What the Bleep do we know, Down the Rabbit Hole:-

Beyond the Cutting Edge: David Icke (check out anything you find on him… he is amazing and very knowledgeable)

Alexander Retrov – Interview:- He is very interesting… has a variety of videos/talks (+43 )… good to check out all his stuff…. but… again… do not dwell or get caught up…

This section deals with the Extra Terrestrial side of our world and universe…. take heed they are here and have been for a long time…

UFO Disclosure This Will Scare You!! (Compilation of UFO Sightings) by UFOXposed (check out any of the stuff they produce)

Bob Dean Presents US Government Disclosure Refusal on UFO’s:- another brilliant man who has suffered majorly due to his insistence of making sure that the Truth is Out in the public arena. Again…. brilliant… check anything with his name in it… he is a Sage! He has a variety of videos and talks.

Alex Jones Exclusive 1/5 David Icke on the Global Awakening:- Both of these amazing guys can bring you up to speed on every element. So, check out all of the stuff if you choose to as they are in full knowledge and David Icke has spent years of his life dedicated to unravelling, exposing and trying to educate us on all that is going on around us. .. check out all his stuff when you have time… he covers so many things that you can fast track your knowledge. He is amazing!!

Alex Collier Ever Beyond  02-20-13 Earth Changes  – He is the second guest on the show. First man is introducing the subject. ( A talk with Alex Collier… a brilliant man… check out much of his stuff of which he has  shed load… )

MIAC (Military Industrial Extraterrestrial Complex) Malevolent by Black Budget and Underground Bases Discussed!!

Secret Black Budget Military Industrial Complex is holding planet earth hostage

They Live – Sunglasses 1988 – movie, freaky but truth based – very well thought out movie… nevertheless… thought provoking!

The Soul Travellers Full length

Annunaki and Nibiru everything you need to know by John Doherty
(Also look up all benevolent beings that are not part of the MIAC – These cover Pleiades, Andromedans, Lyda, Procyon, Tau Ceti, Sirius A and Ummo). These beings are protective and helpful…

How did the Nephilim return before the Flood?

Best Evidence of Nephilim Giants – Look up all you can on these beings. They were very much in existence and played a huge part in our history. Denial is not an excuse!

Fallen Angels Return: The Hollywood Agenda/hybrids/Giants/humanism/apocalyptic

The Atomic Kurukshetra – Azsacra Zarathustra

History of the Kurdish Aryan Race

Vedic Theories of the Universe (Ancient Indian Scriptures) Very interesting… especially if you are into anything mathematical

Alert!  The biggest EVENT In Hstory is about to happen – Check these out on You Tube:- (copy and past into youtube and watch)

Germany & Iran are brothers:- Aryan Blood

An Urgent Message To Humanity – Big Red Planet – VM Rabalu (You can order a free book also from this site, worth having… has some practical guide on astral projection etc.)

A message to the awakened one’s

Book of Enoch – Real Story of Fallen Angels  Constellation62

Forbidden from the Bible – Why? Gnostic exclusions……

The Truth about Islam; may shock you

Things Jesus said that may Shock you (A bible reading)

Annunaki Civilisations Shocking Truth

Who were the Anakim Nephilim?

Zenith – The Film they do not want you to see

Pleidians, Greys,  Andromedans,, and reptilians……………..

Space Love of Andromedans and Pleidians

Annunaki – Don’t Watch this Film – A wonderful and witty narration which puts you in the picture of our origination to date.

Ringmakers of Saturn Norman R Bergrun

Stuff they Don’t Want you to Know: Fluordiation –  (There is a whole series of these which uncover differing areas that affect our health directly… chase them… Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know)

Chemtrails 101: People to be more stupid than toasters by Sofia Smallstorm (this scientist has a few videos on the subject going through what, where, who, how, why) Worth watching!!

Chemtrails 101:- Airborne Genetic Downgrading – Sofia Smallstorm

Chemtrails 101:- Creating the Borg 3-5 – Sofia Smallstorm

Chemtrails to Depopulate by iwijkasif

Secretly Recorded Chemtrails pilot Speaks Video by Douglas Bickford

Chem Webs Nano Fibres Part ll by Roxy777lopez777

Chemwebs and chemtrails (meet the Truth Denied Team)

Project Cloverleaf:- The Purpose of the Chemtrails Part 1 (look up 2,3 and all the other plethora. do not over do it! you will get the idea!)

HAARP The #1Tool for Global Genocide

714 What has your mobile phone got to do with project Blue Beam, HAARP, chemtrails?

Chemtrails the Facts by

Chemtrails/Morgellons – Red wine test by MrMaxBliss (scary but factual)

Morgellons What the Doctor did not see

Morgellons evidence your MDs (doctors) can’t deny by Roxy777lopez777

666 The Number of the Beast

Take That – SOS This is horrifying! If you also download the lyrics and then you will understand the depth of the illuminati and their control. They are driven in the war between dark and light…They give truth in all their movies, press and music… We are given the truth in a way we do not know it is the truth, we then make choices to enjoy what they give us… they then reap our souls to the dark side… From here on in… revisit all the stuff that you have listened to or watched, especially movies/music geared at children… then you will see just how they weave their lies in truth…in plain sight!

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Psy – Gentleman M/V Flagrant sexuality, use of illuminati black and white colours and symbology and bad behaviour being thrown directly at our young. This is what people dance to collectively because the music is catchy, the dancing is simple but very sexual. An experience to behold en masse at any nightclub. Frightening!

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