Healing Techniques and Meditation

Now you are on the brink of a precipice that will landslide you into who you truly are!

As above…So below…

WELCOME! This is my favourite section… this is where you start to get totally immersed in WHAT the whole site is about… Know Thyself …Grow Thyself!

We are Truly Living in a contrived world experience, just like the Truman Show that we call reality and like in the movie Matrix… We Are ALL NEO’s!! Remember, every single movie, cartoon, kids show, most top chart songs tell you the truth… we just have not listened. We did not know that we were being fed the truth…but we did know that is where they wanted us to be on a mental, emotional and psychic level… It is up to us to break the bonds that bind us!!

We are waking up to the truth and who we Truly Are!! Step forward into the Light… This is our moment to take back what is rightfully ours…our Own Selves!! We gave away our power and continue to do so on every level. So, let this page be your new way of being…in Truth, Love and total Consciousness…Taking back your power in unprecedented proportions and moving on to be all that you were meant to be. Pig out! Learn everything you can.

I makes me happy that you have gotten this far, again, I humbly thank you for your patience and tenacity! Again, this page is a works in progress… it is not exhaustive as I have found that which I feel is relevant to get you to where you need to be… again, feel free to delve into any given subject as much as your heart desires…there is no right or wrong way… allow your heart and intuition to guide you… we are all on different paths to our ultimate destination! Finding our inner selves, our souls and reconnecting to All there is…I am That I am!!

Again… the links are usually directly in youtube… so… look on the right side of the video and you will see a range of differing things attached to the subject or the author/speaker. Choose to delve more if you wish…


Love Yourself 100% – KemetPrince1 – Once again, this beautiful, eloquent young man is sharing simple truths that will launch you into a greater understanding of Who You Are…

Introduction to EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting Healing – Master Karl Dawson. A wonderful introduction to the world of ‘tapping’. Karl delivers his lessons with vast experience, humour, gentleness and sensitivity. He also is very concise in his method as to make understanding ‘how to’ simple and easy to do. Check out his variety of videos and his Matrix Re-imprinting book co written with the amazing Sasha Allenby. There are a myriad of different people from Dr David Hamilton, Dr Robert Scaer and Dr Rupert Sheldrake…check them all out. Classes can be had for learning, becoming a practitioner or becoming a teacher to Master. A definite must as part of life skills and dealing with all forms of physical illnesses, psychological, stress and emotional issues. To be used for everything… everyday, several times a day if necessary!! Enjoy and see this as a way of life…not just a fad!

How do I break the habit of Excessive Thinking – A live Q & A with Eckhart Tolle. Wonderful and helpful.

Healing is Prayer – Greg Braden explains the very essence of that is around us that influences from inside us to the far reaching universes. A simple and wonderful teaching. Greg is someone you should fully research…watch all his videos…he is a beacon of light

The 7 Essene Mirrors – Greg Braden is a real light in our world… check out all his work… he teaches so much science that is easy to understand…he has done many videos and made them available for free to us. Any of his works including those he has collaborated with other light workers such as Bruce Lipton… a formidable wealth of knowledge.

Mood Enhancer Meditation – Jasmuheen

Heal Yourself – An interview with Dr Wayne Dyer and Dr Bruce Lipton. Amazing and interesting. More a way of thinking as a lifestyle not just for education.

Matrix Energetics – The art and science of transformation – A Consciousness Technology. An area of healing worth looking into. This is a look into ‘Energy’ healing techniques.

Living on Light Part 1 of 3 A Sharing – Jasmuheen discusses the way of being breatharian. The realities of life after becoming breatharian. A totally different mind set. She has a website and a variety of videos to access online. There are many references to the different topics she covers within this site.

Living on Light part 2 of 3 – Discussion with Jasmuheen continues

Living on Light Part 3 of 3 – Discussion continues with Jasmuheen

Introduction to Pranic Healing Techniques Level 1 – Master Choa Kok Sui. This is a course that is wonderful as it teaches about Pranic energy healing. A must for all of humanity. Especially should be taught to all children as a way forward into the future. Allowing for self healing, healing others and eliminating ill health

Introduction to Grand Master Choa Kok Sui Healing Part 1 of 2. To Improve your life and happiness. A quick look into the aspects of Pranic healing.

Introduction to Grand Master Choa Kok Sui Healing Part 2 of 2. A wonderful visual showing how this works and giving an understanding of its simplicity.

Indigo Dreams Kids Meditation – a beautiful and soothing for children and adults. It is a definite must have for the family.

How to Let Go of Fear and Release Kharma (3 Magic Words Movie) Dolores Cannon – An amazing woman who has spent her life as a hypnotherapist, scientist and working with fellow humans who have experienced deep hypnotherapy with Dolores … channelling beings from other dimensions and discovering the keys to what we need to do to change our present reality. She has a multitude of topics covered so worth chasing anything that she has produced. Much of her work is on youtube. She also travels doing seminars and teaching world wide, try and go to one of her sessions if you can… life changing stuff.

Volunteer Souls and Lost Knowledge – Dolores Cannon live radio show

The Element – Sir Ken Robinson… a wonderful narration/talk that opens your mind to the way forward to finding the real You and finding your path in the academic/social world.

A future Without Fear – TerenceMcKenna – A lovely way of introducing our human history. Enjoy it as an introduction to who you are…

Why Am I Sick? Richard Flook. This is a man who has a good grounding on healing and the psychological links to illness. Check out his books, dvds and videos…

NLP – Richard Flook. He covers Meta health also so dig in and learn techniques to assist you in clearing negativity from your mind, body and allow your soul to shine.

The Power of your Subconscious Mind to Achieve Any Goal – Tony Dosanjh – http://www.mindmaster,TV. Discusses live the amazing finds through testing of using subliminal messages rewiring the brain to achieve changes that otherwise have been impossible to achieve. Worth looking into as a mode of assisting with self change.

Silva Method – they have a variety of training courses geared at the mind… excellent and lifechanging. Remember, getting rid of the stuff you have been conditioned to believe is imperative… so.. this is a wonderful way forward. Hoping that they are going to come up with some freebies for those who cannot afford it as the Soul does not know money…or time…or heirarchy… it just knows love


The Body Code and Emotional Code Self Healing – Dr. Bradley Nelson – Wonderful and simple techniques for understanding your body, mind and spirit. Further videos can be found on quick and direct understanding of how it all works… pure magic within you!

The Cure Is – this is a collaboration of ‘Cutting edge experts explain how to experience vibrant health..Forever’ This is a link to the website… up to you if you want to purchase the video. But it sounds brilliant and interesting. I will keep searching on youtube for a free copy… please let me know if you come across it and I will add it… Bob Proctor has been contacted, I am hoping he will lend us a stream!


Matt Delooze has put together an interesting website covering many aspects of our need to realign with who we truly are. The lengths that our rulers go to in order to keep us from the Truth. Also, the fact that the ‘Drugs’ needed to open us to other worlds and dimensions are listed/enforced as Class A/1 drugs to keep us well and truly Asleep. Check his link below… very informative, well researched and deep thought provoking angle on our situation. A true Hero in my books


Caitlin & John Matthews are amazing and talented souls who have spent their lives in the service of others both in healing and teaching capacities (Celtic Shamanism). I met Caitlin as my Shaman healer/teacher when I was in my 20’s and wished that my world would have allowed me to be the accomplished Shaman I could have been. I was very fortunate to have been under Caitlin’s wings and feel truly blessed to have had her in my life way back when my journey was most painful and soul destroying. She set me on a path of major growth and a deeper understanding of what I needed to to in order to gain my soul parts back… not just the work she painstakingly did for me, but, my own responsibility to myself.


This is one of a myriad of Shamanic sites that can assist you either directly or indirectly (healing or as a healer). Journeys that are amazing and allow you to get in ‘touch’ with the other worlds we have been kept from. Break free of superstitious fears that we have had pummelled into us due to religion and governmental/Illuminati Laws! Learn about these worlds and set yourself free from constraints that ultimately you live by, but or not yours


Foster Perry is an an amazing Shaman, I have had the pleasure of being in his workshops/healing seminars both in London and in Martha’s Vineyard… both times, with amazing and dramatic results. I definitaly feel he is a must experience… check out his website…


Nick Bostrom – Humanity’s biggest problems aren’t what you think they are… this man has a variety of different videos. He is very intelligent, articulate and well rehearsed. I worry that the ideas on Cybernetics is total overkill… for all his intelligence he is missing the vital truth… we are already more than capable of long life, good health, staying young as well as astral projections, self healing and literally manifesting all that is. Presently we manifest what we have been taught to… soon we will be manifesting what we know we should. We have been stopped from all of this by the ‘powers that be’ by stopping us knowing our truth and that we are innately capable of all of this just by looking within and relearning our natural abilities. Are we going to show him and his likeminded colleagues… just how amazing and powerful we really are…

Beyond the Secret. the Moses code In Full – this is an amazing teaching… a variety of amazing, wonderful and spiritual people sharing information to help you understand Who You Really Are!! Pay attention… watch a few times if necessary.

The secret movie First 20 mins – This was based on Rhonda Byrnes book the Secret – Wonderful and insightful. A simple way of showing you the Laws of Attraction. A must watch.

Alexander Loyd – The Healing Code

Healing Code Free Music Download

Alex Loyd – The Healing Code –

The Healing Code – Unconditional Love – A short demonstration

See It To Believe It. Touch for Health, Applied Kinesiology Demonstration. This is amazing and wonderful… check out the website and learn as much as possible MuscleTestingVideos.com

How to Self Test for Truth – logicalsoulguy – He has a variety of videos on youtube, there are also a plethora of practitioners who can guide you on differing issues. Helpful and quick, especially for diagnosing problems including foods that may be causing reactions to your body or skin…

The Secret = Deleted scene

2012 Divine Intervention – Galactic Alignment Part 1, 2,3 = there is a whole series of these, look for them whilst on youtube. They will give you an added understanding of who and what and why… You are here… Trust your intuition. Enjoy.

The Feeling IS Prayer – Greg Braden – A very simple explanation… Greg Braden is a very briliant scientist who is also deeply spiritual. He has covered a whole range of topics and again, happily shares on youtube. Check out any of his stuff.

Galactic Federation of Light Archangel Michael December 2012 (crucial message) Again… look up all the stuff that is tied into this subject.

Galactic Federation of Satan

The Soul Travellers Full length

Pleiadian Message 2012. A wake up call for the family of light:-


“This has to do with all of us….. This is a great example of what we can do now to create a better world”

(Max Miller <prosper108@gmail.com> wrote:

2012 A Crossing Over: A New Beginning (official film) Brave Archer Films

Alex Jones Exclusive 1/5 David Icke on the Global Awakening:-

Power of the subconscious Mind Power Techniques …Shocking! Programming Explained Thoughts(ebook.pdf) Greg Braydon

Science and theory behind the world tapping summit:- Bruce Lipton… This is an amazing minded man… progressive and very educated in a variety of areas. Look up anything that he has done if you want to learn on a scientific level.

The biggest EVENT In History is about to happen

Reincarnation Proof (Banned)  True Story caught on film shocks the world!! Past life Evidence …

Bringers of the Dawn – Barbara Marciniak + Bringers of the Dawn : Teachings from the Pleiadians Part 1 (There are several Parts search for them by leaving the heading but going up each time ie 1,2,3,4,5,6 and so forth. I have put in two)

Bringers of the Dawn – Barbara Marciniak + Bringers of the Dawn : Teachings from the Pleiadians Part 2

The New Earth by SpiritGuidesUnite

The Travellers by Michael Wyn (Full Movie)

GDVResearch.com Kirlian.co.uk GDVPlanet.com The Spirit of MAAT

Eckhart Tolle – The Power of Now -He has a variety of talks… check them all out! Amazing man.

Mark Cleminson ex/former illuminati family member defector /freemasonry secret societieshttp:

A message to the Awakened One’s by 1loydster

Jim Carrey – The Power of Consciousness by Phildooley23

The True Jim Carrey by Muulisha

Jim Carrey Spiritual Awakening DMT Hormone Experience. He is in the know

Bob Marley Exposing Illuminati by Alexander Light


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