Books, Cd’s, DVD’s and links

I hope that some of the information given will be of help. They are not set out in any particular order. Just as I remember them… also… many kind friends are helping me as I have discovered so much over the years. I am now trying to remember!! I should have kept a list… I gave most of my books, CD’s and DVD’s away that it is nigh on impossible to remember everything that assisted me.

Remember, knowledge once learned should be passed on to others…Getting attached to things for no good reason is not only unhealthy but…keeps you feeling you need to be in the past instead of delving into all the current new stuff. Also, swapping is always good as there are so many things to be learned…that you may not have experienced. We are all at differing stages of development.

Most you can get books on kindle format or in hard copy from Hays House, amazon, Ebay etc. or those amazing old bookshops.

Otherwise, when the site is up and running, put in a request on the forum… this way for books that are hard to get your hands on you might be able to this way … get some of those books circulating… this way… we all get a chance to swap around… although… you did not hear that from me!!

The Power of Intention – Instant Awakening discovered by Dr Wayne Dyer. He writes of Dormant Forces. Energies that we have innately in us…Spirit working through us. Interesting and valuable knowledge.

DVDs – Amayasounds .com – These sister companies share an amazing range of healing meditations which are for all areas of life from healing to just relaxing. A must to subscribe to. They offer once subscribed seriously helpful sounds which are free. They are easy to download and use… even from a mobile phone.

Love or Above – Christie Marie Sheldon. She is an intuitive healer/medium. She connects to the Infinite Realm to shift, change and transform peoples lives. She has a myriad of of talks and videos. Check her out. This is a wonderful site that covers a plethora of holistic modalities and healing ie EFT tapping, visualisations etc. MindValley do the books and DVD’s and are the platform that allows you to purchase/source the information.

Numerology and its affects on your personality, hidden talents and abilities –

Your Life Without Limits – accessing a Consciousness to ExperienceYour Life Without Limits – ( A wonderful site with a variety of speakers covering different areas for gaining financial success in your life. More of the same on Law of Attraction/Power of Now works… so, worth going back to the original stuff and experiencing it until you have your ephiphany (total clarity and understanding… thus saving you huge amounts of money).


The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle – A hands on, real lesson in the art of enlightenment… shows you why and how this is achievable. this is a book that should be read over and over. This is one of those books above being practical allows you a higher level of understanding each time you return to it.

A New Earth – Eckhart Tolle – A truly amazing individual who is speaking from a place of enlightenment. Someone worth experiencing for major spiritual growth and learning

Jesus – A story of enlightenment –  Deepak Chopra. A wonderful journey into the heartache of becoming enlightened. I felt this story long after I put the book down.

Biology of Belief – Bruce Lipton.

Spontaneous Evolution – Bruce Lipton

The Alchemist – Paolo Coelho. A remarkable man who has a list of books that deal with many of our issues through adventurous and gripping stories. Worth going on his website and checking him out. (

Alice Bailey

Celestine Prophecies – James Redfield et Al… Amazing for its time… the story is again, like Paolo Coelho’s work… real live lessons via intricate stories. There is also a movie that was made after the book which, like the Secret… is helpful on your journey of spiritual awakening and enlightenment A definate must experience!!

Book of Enoch – Real Story of Fallen Angels by Trey Smith

Demian – Hermann Hesse – he was an amazing spiritual writer and very brave for his time. He was anti war and wrote accordingly. Also produced Siddharta, Narcissus and Goldmund… my favourite was Steppenwolf. He has earlier works too…

Emotional Inteligence – Why it can matter more than IQ – The very way of being and feeling – Daniel Goleman

The Present – Spencer Johnson

Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Reiki at Hand – Teresa Collins

How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body David R. Hamilton PhD

The Seven Law Spiritual Laws of Success for Parents – Deepak Chopra (he has a range of amazing books/talks). A very helpful book with real exercises to do with your offspring – catapulting you, as parent and your family into a beautiful way of being aware spiritually.

Wisdom of the WYRD – Brian Yates. Very interesting and informative teachings from the ancient past.

Bloodlines of the Illuminati – David Icke – This is one of the most courageous and brilliant minds of our time… no stone is left unturned and his love of humanity goes beyond walking the extra mile…A man who lives… chasing the  truth for our benefit. His book list covers many areas…The Truth Shall Set You Free, Bible Errors, Aids, The Great Con Trick, Aids The Great Genocide and a myriad of books dealing with life and the truth.  In my eyes, a living Saint. He has a mountain of books that are for the benefit of educating mankind… as he does live videos covering fully; subjects that are enough to make you not sleep at night… no need to watch horrors when David succinctly tells you the Truth about your world.

Annunaki and Nibiru everything you need to know by John Doherty
(Also look up all benevolent beings that are not part of the MIAC – These cover Pleiades, Andromedans, Lyda, Procyon, Tau Ceti, Sirius A and Ummo). These beings are protective and helpful…

The Prophet –  Khalili GibranLots of wonderful tips on real life.

Wishes Fulfilled – Dr Wayne Dyer. Check out his stuff. He is brilliant and I still use his inspirational mantras and his wishes fulfilled CD as it has; combined with Eckharte Tolle’s Power of Now and using NLP, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting helped me rise up in a way that has brough major life changes… for the better to me on every level.

The Importance of Being Extraordinary – This is a brilliant collaboration of two amazing minds….Dr. Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle. You an access this via Dr. Wayne Dyers Daily Inspiration site (link above)

Steering by Starlight – Martha Beck How to fulfill your destiny, No matter what

The Purpose Driven Life – Rick Warren .. Zondevan

Cosmic consciousness – Richard Buck – He goes back over 100 years of the most creative people who were able to tap into a higher form of super consciousness. An understanding of knowing that the information comes to you in perfect, full blown form… channeled via the mind. A must for those of you who want to use your earthly mind and progress, teach or just be the best you can be mentally.

The Second Ring of Power – Carlos Castenada. A very controversial figure who made huge a huge difference to thousands of lives. He brought Shamanism to the wider world platform. He on the other hand was an anthropologist with a huge question mark over him on his death as he seemed to carry ego and pain body deeply. Bur do not allow his human failings to remove you from his research, books and teachings. (he has a plethora of amazing books with shamanism at the core, worth checking out for content)

The Fabric of Self.  Meditationons  vanity and love – John Macafee

The Manual of the Warrior of Light – Pauolo Coelho (Maktub,

The Works of Aristotle – Aristotle was a famous philosopher – brilliant book containing his complete materpiece and family physician; his experienced midwife, his book of problems and his remarks on phyiognomy.

The Journey of the Soul – Sylvia Brown

The Four Agreement – Don Miguel Ruiz

I Ching – Herson and Rosemary Huang. A translation that restores the authentic spirit of the ancient texts.

Foods that Harm, Foods That Heal – Readers Digest. An A-Z guide to safe and healthy eating. This is just put in to remind you that there is a plethora of healing sites available so buying books is not really necessary   an amazing site that gives much heartwarming videos and tips on health, foods and lifestyle

A Source for Miracles – Written by Karthleen McGowan. She helpful way to change your mindset in order to change your life. Clear and uncomplicated.

The Expected One – Karthleen McGowan is a lady who is a folklorist. She has specialises in historical information and researches to disprove the information currently in play.another fabulous look into women’s plight and historical errors caused problems for the male/female balance.

Aine Belton et Al… Global Love site…this is a wonderful site full of ideas, wonderful links and a community of souls who share 1 thing in common… Sharing the Love!! Join and be part of a happy and fulfilled community. 

Natural Health Information – Brian Adamson whose background was within mainstream medicine, having learned the truth of his environment decided to check out what is really going on. He has dedicated his life to uncovering the truth and has written books on various subjects. He is also a ‘Freeman’ and has removed himself from the world we all are party to legally. His website is worth looking at…a wealth of legal and health information. Enriching for all of humanity.


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