Orgonite is a man-made product (not to be confused with Aragonite which is a carbonite mineral).

Orgonite is an interesting product that is used for a variety of things. It can eliminate ‘dark matter’, breaks down the frequencies that cause us dis-ease, especially concerning the waves given off from mobile phones, home phone docking apparatus, masts in the fields etc. Many people actually make and gift these by throwing them within the vicinity of masts to counteract the effects.

I have a variety of videos within the website ie. H.A.A.R.P….Chemtrails…microchip devices etc. So many of you who have made it your business to look at every single video on this website…will now have a deep understanding of why we need to use every resource we can in correcting the damage caused by the deliberate implementation of frequencies that damage…not only the planet but every single living thing in it, including humanity.

Orgonite can be made from home. It takes little effort and simple resources. I have included a video explaining what it’s benefits are and another on ‘how to’ produce it yourself. But for those of you who would prefer to purchase this product it can be ordered directly. Please feel free to use our links or search for your own.



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