Hello Fellow Humans/Souls…Awakening to the sound of your discontent and dis-ease! We are Truly Living in a contrived world experience, just like the Truman Show..that we call reality and like in the movie Matrix… We Are ALL NEO’s!!

We are manipulated and kept in fear base, full of anxiety, working incessantly, constantly searching externally and on a path of total self destruction, that is our true reality…All given to us in order to keep us as a mass consciousness of stupidity… dumbed down and agreeable from the womb…to dotage.

This is done via every mode of communication there is; every single movie, cartoon, kids show, concert & public arena, chart songs, magazines, comics, billboard, advertisement, news report, documentary and t.v. show tell you the truth… Due to the nature of the ‘One’s’ that produce All of the above…we just have not paid attention or listened and therefor not understood the enormity of the ‘Free Will’ choices we have made, in error. We do not know that we were being fed the truth in a way that we have, until now believed was entertainment…We did not know that is where they wanted us to be on a mental, emotional and psychic level…

We are fed toxins, injected with toxins, poisoned via our food, water and air, given drugs that affect our minds, hearts and bodies. We are doctored to prevent even our basic right of procreation. We are subjected to chemical and biological attacks/testing, medical testing and even controlled by specific frequencies in our very airways…mobile/house phones (dammit, anything with a docking station!), t.v. and masts that supposedly allow these monitoring, killing gadgets to operate (mobile phones).

Ensuring that, like small children, we are constantly looking out…instead of looking within…and we pay handsomely for the privilege of doing their job for Them…literally, keeping us competitive, disconnected from one another and in the dark about our true nature…BIG BROTHER WATCHING US! Are you still laughing?

We are lied to on a level that is so bare faced it would be hilarious…if it were not with deadly intent. Why you ask? Well…if you really want to know the truth? The powers that be (N W O) go to great lengths in order to ensure that the reality we manifest is the one that they want!

Crack pot crazy lady! I hear you thinking, conspiracy theorist!! But…Did it ever occur to your that Absolute Truth is labelled… Conspiracy by those who do not want you to wake up, those who want you exactly as you have been for the last millennium?

I defy you to come away from this site…after fully experiencing the information I have painstakingly put together for you with the same belief and judgmental belief you started this site with. I have researched and inserted a variety of amazing, intelligent, highly educated, well traveled, well seasoned, tenacious and some very high profile speakers, specialists, scientists etc; individuals for you to make your own mind up…I have ensured that you have a plethora of worlds from medical, scientific, esoteric, historic, romantic biblical and pure dreamy (seeming) information…I ask that you disbelieve everything and research everything fully. Also, Do not take anything on board with the mind you have been indoctrinated with untruths with…but the intuition that they are doing everything to dumb down and eradicate…your inner truth!

It is up to us to break the bonds that bind us!! Stop being a slave to a system set up to conquer you, once you are awakened and in full knowledge of the Truth; you will never be able to pretend, hide or sleep away as you have been.

We are waking up to the truth and who we Truly Are!! Step forward into the Light… This is our moment to take back what is rightfully ours… in Truth, Love and total Consciousness… of unprecedented proportions!

We are Divine Sentient Beings of Light…We were made in Gods image…We have individual powers beyond comprehension…No Gimmicks, no gadgets and no trickery… Know Thy Self!! I am handing it to you on a platter…

Please…Go to the Welcome bar at the top right of the page…click into Welcome… then return to Welcome for drop down menu and just work your way through the pages…. Enjoy!